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Finally you found the best video editing services in Varanasi

  • If you’re here, it’s because you know the importance of video marketing.
  • An image and article can only say some words….but a video can depict a whole movie in seconds.
  • Nowadays people are short of time, who has time to read all the articles but they can watch a few seconds of video and understand it easily.
  • Globally it is a $145 billion industry. It means brands and businesses realizing the worth of videos and start investing in their creation and distribution.
  • And, because of this trend, you’re lacking if you aren’t releasing branded video content regularly, If you’re not an expert in that then it will be tough for you. That’s where we come in.
  • Our experts know the ins and outs of video marketing, from figuring out which type of video you need to and how to deliver it for maximum outcome.
Best Digital Marketing Company in Varanasi

What Is The Role Of Video Marketing In Your Business Growth

→Every Digital Marketing company uses unique and creative ideas for enhancing their client’s brand or product. Using unique ideas is making us different from others and one of the best Video Marketing companies in Varanasi.

→For promoting our brands, we make stories to solicit our customer’s emotions and minds. We used to get connected with our client’s product or service to let the people also connect. Video Marketing is a critical marketing strategy because it is snack-sized, memorable, and easily recognizable.

Let us understand the use of video marketing in today’s business and how we create the best videos ever:

● Grow Revenue

Those online marketers who use videos are expected to grow more than 49% revenue than those who didn't use it. So if you want to grow your business revenue then join the hands of best video editing agency services i.e Dzeemart now .

● Deliver the content that they want

For buying any product or service, people prefer to watch videos over emails, newsletters, social images, social videos, blog posts, and downloadable documents. Videos are easy to judge and confirm the decisions. Reviewing videos is much better helpful and easy to understand.

● Influencing Business Decisions

A large number of customers said that videos are more helpful in buying decisions and 64% of video watchers are influenced by watching videos. 97% of marketers say that videos will help them to increase their understanding regarding the product and services.

● Increasing Traffic

Videos use more than 40% of web traffic from search than non-users. Videos are really creative and easy to help the customers. It increases web traffic and creates confidence in the brand. We follow the trends & create content accordingly.

Video Marketing Statistics: What You Know Must

Did you know a picture speaks louder than a word? Video marketing is a powerful mode of  Digital Marketing that effectively attracts an audience in a huge quantity.

Video Marketing generally means to promote the client’s business or brand by using promotional video content and let the people know about your product or service. It also helps in engaging with your audience through social media channels that educate them about the ongoing and upcoming brands in the market. To bring traffic to the business, it is very necessary to focus on the right promotional content delivered by the company.

To be frank, we easily get attracted by watching any video and we instantly get ready to invest in the business if it is suitable. So, let us know about some of the statistics about Video Marketing.

  • The regular watching hours of video per week- 16 hours online, which is an increase of 52% in the preceding last two years.
  • The Social Media video content generates 1200% more shares than the regular text and image content.
  • The saving portion of the viewers contains 95% of the video messages than text or image messages.
  • 96% of People preferring to learn about any product or service through video marketing mode.
  • 86% of people are more likely to understand the brand by watching the videos.
  • If comparing to the articles, infographics, images, or audio, people prefer to learn the product or service by seeing explainer videos. This increases the video promotion by 67% to target the audience.
  • The adjustable video ad length should not be more than 6-10 seconds.
  • 85% of people are liked to see more videos rather than to read social media posts.
  • Customers who are engaging the E-commerce sector are likely to generate 184% more revenues and orders than offline mode.

Video Marketing Statistics: Business Side

  • More than 80% of online business uses 90% of video content for their promoting their business idea.
  • The most popular type of video marketer frames 73% of explaining videos, 49% of presentation videos, 48% of testimonial videos, and 42% of sales videos.
  • The online marketers who join hands with video creation would likely get more than 50% higher conversion rates.
  • Shopping ideas are more demanded and likely to show higher conversion and click-through rates than those which are displays on the dummies.
  • More than 80% of marketers say that they get leads online through video sales promotions.
  • More than 86% of video marketers say that they are a higher Rate of Return by Video promotional techniques.
  • From the year 2017 to 2021, it is said that the demand for video marketing has been increased by 51.2% per annum.
  • In the year 2019, global streaming marketing grew by about 55%.

YouTube Video Marketing Statistics

  • YouTube has a total of 2.3 billion monthly logged-in users and is more likely to grow every year.
  • It is a preferred digital video marketing platform for 90% of people in the United States.
  • On YoutUbe, more than 1 billion hours of video will be played every day.
  • 70% of Youtube watch time will be played only by mobile phones.

Why We Are The Best Video Marketing Agency

There are some of the secrets that make you unique among all and you should definitely know this if you are searching for the best Video Marketing company.

  • We center our message in the video and not the sales promotion: Giving preference to your brand and work on it is more relevant than promoting the sales. Customers should know the brand before know the sales price. It is necessary to build confidence in the brand and then to use sales techniques in video marketing. The same rule also applies to content marketing. Because people used to get irritated about watching the sales video again and again. The most appealing video can be made by giving more focus to customers’ hidden desires. You can also add a strategic URL for your customers so that they find it easy to connect with your brand. Use the best Video Marketing Promotional ideas only with Dzeemart.com- One of the best Video Marketing agencies in Varanasi.
  • Make your starting video best: The starting 10 seconds of your video portion should always be best and rememberable. More than a thousand people skip the starting 10-second portion of the video to just watch the direct video content. It will take their time if there is nothing in the startup. Manage the customer’s expectation within 5 seconds and put the direct message there. Try to participate with your customers by using the questions directly and going them the right answers at the end or mod of the video. It will connect the audience with you for so long. Your video should convey the value that what is the purpose of creating the video. So, if you wat your Video Marketing at another level, stay connected with the best Video Marketing company in Vanarasi.
  • Try To Use Humour: Try to use humor in your video and don’t be boring throughout the whole video. If we are promoting even any business idea, then also we should try to add some comedy portion so that the customers feel attached to us. There, right be some points where you use economically and efficiently business ideas grab the attention at that place. Where you can retain the attention by adding humor is the time when the customers feel familiar with you and with your brand. Use enthusiastic captions to attract customers. Use the best Video Marketing Promotional ideas only with Dzeemart.com- One of the best Video Marketing agencies in Varanasi.
  • Optimize Your Search Engine Optimization: There are some more techniques that you must know before getting connected with us and with our strategies. We optimize the Search Engine Optimization for promoting the videos so that they will reach a larger audience.
  • Educate Your Customers with the Video Content: Did you know most of the audience are visual learners? They get the maximum knowledge by watching videos and understood them carefully. Education can come in many forms and you can educate your audience about your brand by giving them thoughtful and attentive messages.

We follow all these methods to promote our client’s brand to the sky. For more digital marketing promotions and ideas, Stay Tuned with Dzeemart.com